HI/O Show (summer edition): Has GM Marc Bergevin done enough to improve Canadiens?

As the Canadiens enjoy the summer break, the question fans are debating is whether general manager Marc Bergevin has done enough to improve his team for next season.

That’s the main topic of conversation on our special summer edition of the HI/O Show with┬áhost Stu Cowan joined by Pat Hickey, Jack Todd and Mike Boone:


  1. Thomas Le Fan says:

    Gee, three threads in one morning? My head’s spinnnnning.

    When everyone’s thinking the same … it’s likely no one’s thinking at all.

  2. mikeysla3 says:

    so every one wants bergevin to make a “big splash”… and his critics are screaming he hasnt done enough… well that MAY be true but I prefer his “non-desparate” approach than over paying players like sharp and williams.

    This years FA was a bust and there was little available to help us. O’reilly at 7 mil??

    uhh no thnaks

    what other center has been moved?

    Last year everyone was whining about not giving the kids a chance … this year one or maybe two will get the chance to develop at the big level..

    as for d… cant have too uch but Emelin and barbeiro seem to be odd men out (In my world) rotate gilbert, tinordi and pateryn through the 6-7 spot to give each 2/3 of a season..

    moving emelin could be tough but hey… injuries happen and patience can pay big dividends

  3. Mats Naslund says:

    If you want to see if Galchanyuk can play center you need to give him a half a season to prove he can. Not 5 games. Not 10. The Habs tried to develop Galchenyuk in the NHL so they could have their shiny new draft pick in the lineup instead of letting him learn the game in a half empty building in Hamilton. Now everyone is complaining that he should be further ahead. You can’t have it both ways. Glachenyuk is (outside of Pacioretty) the most offensively talented player on the roster. Step 1 will be to stop trying to turn him into a 15 goal scoring 2 way center and allow him to start playing the way that got him here.

  4. huge_polar_bear says:

    Very good discussion as usual and I have to say, love the hat.

  5. Cal says:

    An unexpected party as it were. Lots of fun talk on the recent moves by the Habs. The Galchenyuk is he a center or a winger controversy is heating up- even on the HIO panel.
    I agree with Pat that Galchenyuk needs to be better at face-offs and on the D side of it. However, he is the most talented forward the Habs have next to Max, and should have the ice time to show what he can do. We’ve all seen that the Pleks and DD show ends in the 2nd or the 3rd round at best. IF the Habs want to win, they must ice a better, more prolific, scoring center. Play him, MT. Take the reins off for a season and let him show you what he can do.

  6. The Swiftian Age says:

    Comon’ Pat: Chucky’s a young kid, and a talented one, and MT’s wasting that talent by not letting him learn through his mistakes, playing center. Why WOULDN’T the kid complain a bit? And I think it was crappy of Larionov to talk smack about the kid the way he did.

    –Good on you, Mike, for noting that the kid needs some more slack: if not NOW for Chucky-as-center, then when? If not NOW for the team going forward, then when? (That “window” will start closing soon.)

    Lilliput for the Lilliputians!

  7. The Swiftian Age says:

    Okay, now the Newfoundland (specifically, SinJohn’s) accent (in the feller who introduces the show) makes more sense, considering our “baby Habs” have landed on the Rock.

    Lilliput for the Lilliputians!

  8. Nanobot says:

    Time to hibernate ….. zzz ….

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